Thursday, February 11, 2010

Life Without Insurance

While, in the past few months, healthcare legislation has sky-rocketed through a democratic legislative branch it appears it may be slowing down. With the death of Senator Kennedy (RIP) beloved senator of Massachusetts and the election of a candidate from the evil empire, democrats have lost their super majority and what some believe to be hope for any real change to healthcare.

Now, it is often said that politics is personal. I get that. But since older generation got a lot of the heavy lifting done on my personal issues. The ones I've taken up kind of seem a little lackluster. Anywho...with the ringing in of the new year I became one of a rather large group of Americans without healthcare. What does this mean? Essentially I need a job or the immune system of a superhero. It means my $11.00 co-pay is now $180.00 for monthly medication. It means that doctors wont take me as a patient (that's right, wont take me, not even if I pay them).

Did you know that college graduates are among the largest group of individuals uninsured? Yeah, you did. Because most likely if you're reading this you've been there or you are there or your in grad school which means your not reading this anyway so I guess....wait where was I?

Right. I'm livin' on the edge! Fortunately I can apply for Cobra so the insurance company can continue to violate my parent's livelihood for another year or until I get a job. I should get one and not tell them....that'll show 'em...yeah...stick it to the man...although apparently thats insurance fraud and a felony and would probably just 'show' me where Oz was filmed and 'stick' me in a cell with only Bernice (my rough exterior-ed roommate with a heart of gold who used to trick before she kicked rayray to the curb) for protection.

Or is insurance fraud whitecollar? Does that sentence come with different accommodations like a duvet? I wonder if Martha donates..

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