Friday, July 3, 2009

Christmas in the Summa' Summa' Summa' Time

While New York City has gone tropical for most of June and the beginning of July, Athens is averaging 90 with a steady 0-10% chance of rain. So when we get off the plane this Sunday I'll probably long for yesterday's basement floods, ruined salon visits, and soaked through oxfords. But one of the many great things about Greece is that where there's heat, there's water. Beaches...perfect ones...loads of them. nice. Heat is not the price you pay for paradise, swimsuit shopping is. Just to be clear, I don't hate swimsuits, it's actually one my favorite articles of clothing (a result of my less is more philosophy). My beef with the swimsuit is a result of the search.

I realize there are a lot of people who have accumulated large collections of swimsuits. So, their vacations aren't blackened by the looming task of bathing suit shopping. Yeah...not one of them. I'm gonna go ahead and argue that its not that weird. Let's see you go swimming in a NYC public pool or lie out with the interesting but questionable crowd at Coney Island Beach...not to mention...actually to mention...nudists, needles, OBM's, an hour train ride, Freak Shows (and I mean actual ones) theives and still overcrowding. I hope you understand the lack in that particular area of my wardrobe. Anyway I am now the proud owner of two swimsuits after a slightly traumatic episode in bathingsuit shopping.

I went to Macy's on 34th first mistake...but I had to use that gift card I forgot about for two years and was about to expire. There's something a little ironic about using a Christmas gift card to buy a bathing suit.