Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Honk for Harassment

Do you remember that school trip game? The where you'd try and get truck drivers to honk their horn by pretending to pull down on an imaginary one ?

There. Right, there. That's where we went wrong.

While this elementary school game was unisex, for year afterward women would inspire honks the whole tri-state area over. Which brings me to my point: Why do men in cars honk at women walking?

A recent conversation:
A: honking at attractive women on th street...why do men do that we never stop... its annoys women yet it continues.  Which means that at some point in history a woman stopped for a car that honked at her, got in, and in doing so
Me: ruined it for the rest of us

My theory is that men have devolved to a pt that some pavlovian responses are impossible. In other words, they do not cease an action because of lack of result. Which is why I have started a grassroots effort to stop the verbal and auto harassment of new york city's women. By giving negative results.

Guy in UPS Truck: Hey Mama *wink* *honk*. How are you?
Crossing the street, I give him the middle finger.
Guy in UPS Truck: That's not very nice.
Me: I'm not a nice person.

Join my efforts at honkonthisasshole.com (not a real site, more of a support system)

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