Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm That Person

This post is annoying for a number of reasons.  It's
a.  random  b.  been edited to add txt   c.  it's my dog and posting a picture of her is basically an electronic "Aw that's my doggie. Whose my God Girl? Who loves you? Who loves you?"  Or "andijustwanttosquishherlittlefacebetweenmyhandsicouldjusteatyourcutelittlenose"

none of you will ever see me do this in real life.  But I mean...look at that face...

Reasons why she's the shit.
a.  She has ADHD
b.  She crosses her paws like a who occasionally smells my crotch and pees on my shoes
c.  She has aliases (The Chancellor is mine, Thena dreamed up the rap name.
d.  When I come home drunk at night she lets me big spoon her on her doggie bed...I'm not sure if thats the reason for or the result of my bizarre/complicate/turbulent/boring/icantbelievehedidnttextmebck love life.

Summation she's weird, I'm weird.  We're kind of two biatches in a pod.

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