Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Girl You Won't Take Home to Mama

What kind of world do we live in ?

Ma man Fiddy, Fiddy Cent is being sued for editing himself (complete with a Rick James wig) into another man's sex-tape.  I'm not sure if you saw (or ignored) this on my Buzz.  But I think it's worth revisiting.   Take a second to ponder the state of American culture when

a.  more Americans have sex-tapes than healthcare
b.  a former king pin drug dealer wears a wig (without a pimp cane and a good backhand)
c.  where a multi-millionaire-rapper edits himself into another mans sexual encounter instead of taping his own.
d.  Curtis Jackson wears a wig.

Disturbing...but it gets worse.  If you didn't read the article you don't know that Fiddy did in fact wear the wig to imitate Rick James....bitch!  (for a photo comparison see photos 1 & 2) Or that Rick James (RIP) and 50 had some sort of musical feud.  You also wouldn't know that Lastonia Levinston (the woman in the tape) is one of ( of) RJ's Baby Mama.  I think we can add the fact that Rick James gets any as e to the above list.  

In case you don't believe me?  Just look at those breast!  Really...Look.  LaLa (as her friends like to call her)  has  his initials tattooed. on. her. chest.  Front and center.  So, the co-star of this straight to laptop movie had a not-so-good view from the top or the bottom or wherever.  

Anyway LaLa is suing for defamation of character and image theft or something like that.  I have to believe she'll lose.  After sexing Rick James you can only go up.  Actually, there is worse. (see photo 3)

Yo, click on that last picture, yo.  I dare you.  

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