Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hurling at Lunch Hour

So I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Walking to the train I started feel a bit woozy. One of those whoa I might faint, there's something pressing on the back of my neck, i need to sit down spells. But like the trooper that I am I got on the train made it halfway to my doctors office before I vomited in my own hand and subsequently in a public trash can. During lunch hour. Next to city hall. And then again in one of those outdoor seating areas made popular by Mayor Bloomberg.

In that post throw up euphoria where you think everything is okay and you couldn't possibly throw up again (until you do) I had time to think.

My thoughts:
I've just vomited in my hand.
There are a million people around me.
Thank God I made it off the train.
Is there no one in this city who is going to ask me if I'm alright? God what is wrong with you people? Have you no heart?
Wait, I'd totally walk by too. I am NOT tryin to get swine flu

Its a strange relationship new yorkers have with one another. The people passing know they'll probably never see me again and dont know me so they dont feel obligated to help. And I'm extremely thankful that never again will I see anyone who has seen me vomit in my own hands.

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