Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Realize It's Wednesday But...

So Big C works on Irving Place and I used to always make him take me to this mediocre Chinese food place down the street.  It was a sort of reparation for forcing me (an overweight, bookish, and oh-so-awkward) middle schooler to meet co-workers and bosses at his company and wait for hours.....hours for him to decide that he had worked enough for that day.   I never fully understood why I liked this place so much.  It's got this gaudy decor with garish chandeliers and faux-wood panelling.  It's like those party venues which advertise on public access television and where you imagine the Gotti family has hosted every special occasion ever.

Tonight I find myself heading back there with AB and co.  But on my last visit (during the summer) I made a shocking revelation which would wondrously connect my current and middle-school self in some existential meaning-of-life way.  Two words.  Free wine.

I've never been someone who's huge on going out of my way for free things...I didn't take every free t-shirt, or dinner, or snack, or study break coffee in college.   But I LOVE me some wine.

Anyway if you're in the area.  The service is awful and the waiters aren't friendly...but the wine is free and if you're like me you'll want to check 'The Cottage' out.

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  1. any place with free wine is fine by me.
    nice find.