Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fix Yo'self Guurrl

I know its cliche but I'd have to say my biggest fear is dying an old lady alone with cats (I hate cats).  One that curses at children playing, whose hostile womb has long since sputtered its swan song to its abandoned ovaries.

A close second is camel toe.  I have an irrational fear of camel toe.  Actually, it's not entirely irrational.  I wear spandex more than most and I don't particularly like underwear.  But I'm also afraid that I don't actually know what qualifies as 'camel toe'.  I can get into the graphic details involving more than one crotchal crease and vaginal fold BUT I wont. Instead I just Urban Dictionaried that mess.  This is what I got:

"When her pants are so tight you can read her lips!"
"A vaginal wedgie("vedgie"), most commonly caused by tight pants that work their way into the crevices of the vaginia making a shape that clearly resembles a camel's toe"
"When a woman's clothing clings so tightly to her crotch that a viewer can make out the cleft between the labia, she is showing camel toe. So named for the similarity to the actual toe of a camel.  Sometimes applied to viewability of a man's cock through his clothes, but this is awkward."

And those were the mild ones.  I chose them so I didn't scare readers off before they saw these :   

A Camel's Toe                                                                         Camel Toe 

Proof that it can happen to anyone 

Anyway I don't want to end this post all negative Nancy.  So instead of living in fear I want to spread the word...(HALLELUJAH AMEN).  You know what you can do to prevent camel toe (wear underwear, loose clothing) but do you know what you can do to remedy the problem?  Courtesy of MF and eHOW here are some ways to remedy a camel toe problem should you find a bunch. Ways to Remove Camel Toe

IN CONCLUSION:   Please enjoy this musical tribute

Update:  A way to prevent CT is to buy the Cuchini....(actually sold):  Instant remedy! Never worry about camel toe again!

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