Monday, March 8, 2010

TMI Tuesday a little early: Anonymous Quotes I Will Never Reveal the Circumstances Under Which I Heard Them/ Quotes Whose Authors Need to Remain Anonymous

"Sometimes I think that guys just don't see things, like cellulite.  Like those guys who are into voluptuous women er whatever.  I just think.  They must  not see it"

Straight girl to straight girl, "I'm really into your ass.  It's so perky.  It's enormous.  I just want to grab it.  I don't even want to call it an ass.  It's like a flank, a haunch"

"It helps if you play with my balls"

"Sometimes I have a problem with dingle-berries, they suck"

"My vagina itches"

"Yeah, it's really small.  Like I didn't even realize until I saw more of them.  The second time I was like oh wow this guys pretty well-endowed.  But after a few more I was like...there's no way that I was just lucky that many times."

"I have to go to the bathroom.  Can you put some headphones on or something?"

"I mean I like expect to have at least 2 orgasms"

"Her fake nail came off in his butt.  Apparently, its not that abnormal for guys to like a finger or two in there."

"So everyone's really high on coke and shit and we get stopped by the cops.  The two of them get arrested and they have like a good amount of drugs on them.  So one of them somehow slips his cuffs and shoves the drugs up his ass...the other kid totally went down for possession."

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