Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where the F@!& is the Thong Song....

So it's been a long weekend.  And this probably isn't a real post.  but please read on...or just look at the pictures....the pictures are good.

Reuniting with parisian-amis is always a good, random, sloppy, wine-soaked time.  Friday night started off with dinner during which I discovered a fun surprise on the way to the bathroom.  Photo.  Booth.  There are few things in life that make me happier than photos but photo-booths give me the instant glee and gratification of a child presented with ice cream.  After the second WC trip and the third glass of wine, I'd convinced AM and JM that there was no way we we leaving without a photo series.

Unfortunately I don't have the photos.  I'm sure AM got her hands on them but I will be peer-pressuring her for a scanned image to upload.  In any case, I'll describe.   First, we had to beat out a 9-year old who was the only other person at The Smith who hadn't out-grown the fun of photo-booths (except me) .  Then we had to fit three people in a space that is definitely designed for one maybe two but definitely not three.  The picture was not great.  especially for me.  You really can't see me because the booth was backlit.  And JM's huge head strategically stole the spotlight.  But, I digress.  More important than the bathroom photo-booth was the subsequent party.  It was CA's bday which is why the three of us made our way form union square to a basement fun house in Korea-town for Karaoke.

That's where things got really sloppy:  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


All in all it was a great night.  One beef.  Where the fuck was The Thong Song.  CA had plastic guitars and Hawaiian leis.  She had Karaoke...but I have never, never, been to a bar or bat that didn't have 'dumps like a truck' or 'thighs like what'.   No Sisquo.  There's something wrong with that.  Fortunately it didn't ruin my karaoke jam and they still had MJ (ABC and Thriller) and 'N'sync (I want it that way) and the owner are lucky cause I totally would've burned that bitch down. would've lit up like Siquo's effigy.

Also my computer keeps saying that Sisquo is spelled improperly and I'm convinced that it's only because it lacks the accent over the 'o'.  I'd never noticed that before and that somehow make me like him better.

AWSisquo = Sisqo
I want it that way = Backstreet Boys

Good day sir.
Mar 15
Me - I thought about that when I re-read it. And was like...I really want to know who is going to correct me...congratulations.

And Good day sir.
EditMar 15
AW - are you surprised? haha.

i was just hoping that i didn't come off too rude, but the 12 yr-old girl inside me had to object to anyone who confuses 'N SYNC with the lowly Backstreet Boys.
Mar 15
Me - um. not at all. and the 12-yr old girl inside me says: This 'tells me whhhyyyy' we're friends.EditMar 15

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