Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Big 2.3.

So, my birthday is next week (on the 23rd).  And I've been known to do some strange things on that day:

20th.  Beat a Spongebob Pinata in Washington Square Park.

16th.  Walk the questionably safe Costa Rican beaches with AB and a drunk frat reject who kept dropping the N-bomb to the house of a complete stranger just because her name was Claudia too.

21st a.  Find and a mannequin on the street outside of bar in Tribeca.

21st b.  Play with the said mannequin.

21st c. Put money in a GoGo dancers g-string or corset.  Does it make it less weird if I say that I knew her?  What about the fact that I had never actually seen a Pastie before?

I've also been know to do absolutely nothing.  I guess it depends on the year.  As you can see 21 was a good year.  But I didn't get shit-faced because I've had a fake ID and heels (the typical requirement for clubs in ny) since I was 15.

This year I think I'll have a party.  I'm still working out the details.  But it does seem like its "ON".  There are a number of reasons I can think of for my decision to host something.

A.  There are always people I'd like to be with on my birthday but who can't make it.  But this year, there are an inordinate amount of friends who have relocated to the wider metropolitan area.  

B.  My appetite was whetted by my rather creative roommates who threw me a 22 year-6 month and 14 day  surprise birthday party.  There was a triple layer homemade carrot cake, an "It is your birthday." sign (shout out to The Office) and way to many Comcast On-Demand plays OF and co-ordinated dancing TO Beyonce's "Single Ladies".

C.  23rd on the 23rd...'nuff said.

I'm no sure how I feel about 23.  Its kind of a non-destinct age.  But I know that this year I want to do it a little bigger and have all of my peeps there.  So yeah, get ready.

Also yes...she is wearing a pastie...not photoshopped.

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