Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Working Girl

So this post was supposed to be about the fact that I have a job.  But I'm kind of tweaking right now.  By that I mean I've been tracking my blackberry delivery on  This is ridiculous to do.  This is ridiculous to do because:  I know it was sent out at 7:00AM yesterday.  I know It stopped in Kentucky (7:01PM) then Jamaica, Queens (12:04AM), then Brooklyn (3:25AM).  I also know that it was put on the truck at 8:01 AM for delivery. Meaning the next step is delivery. Meaning has nothing more to tell me.  Meaning, checking is ridiculous.  *Sigh*

So next there's the door check.  I can't remember whether I said it needed to be signed for.  (insert door check) I don't want the doorbell to stick and not ring. (insert door check) And I can't miss him because then I'll have to wait EVEN LONGER. (insert door check) 'til the truck route is done and then I'll have to go to some random UPS store that's not even close to where I live or I could wait til the next day, which I'm sorry sir is not going to happen. (insert door check)  Reason why the door check is ridiculous:

a.  My dog is outside.  She innately hates all uniformed mail carriers and thus announces their arrivals with disdainful barks.
b.  My doorbell rings annoyingly, but melodically, through the entire house.
c.  UPS should rethink staffing if a mail-person can't ring a doorbell.  

In other news.

I am a glorified bitch and complaint-hearer.  I'm working for a judge who rents me out on occasion to David Yassky or rather TLC.  For those of you who don't know what TLC is..that would be the Taxi & Limousine Commission.  So I basically paralegal style prosecute cases on behalf of consumers to a judge who then rules to reprimand a driver, revoke license, find not guilty.  For my judge I help recruit major private companies to donate high powered lawyers to give legal advice (well...technically the court cant give advice but they can provide information) to people who are in danger of losing their homes.  In addition to other things...I wont talk about.

Here's the thing.

For a little while I thought I talked about personal things because I didn't have a job.  I mean it seems like everyone talks about their job.  I'm probably just someone without one who has to rely on commonplace anecdotes in order to fill the gap.  But now, as a working girl (actually I've only started one of the two thingies) I realize I would rather talk about non-work things.  In fact non-work things are way more fun, unless there's real trashy office drama.  In which case, I probably shouldn't blog about that.  I feel like there could be some jail time and fines for blogging about government agencies.   Hmm....that is something to think about.  Anyway we'll see how this goes.

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