Monday, August 2, 2010


My left eyes is tearing.

And I'm wearing glasses outside for the first time in years.  I've worn contacts since 5th grade and for some reason I've always chosen the nerdiest glasses I could find.  As if to say to myself, "you can fool everyone else with your fancy-schmansy contact lenses, but I know the real you, the 9-year-old-nerdy-nearsighed-you-who-wore-neon-yellow-plastic-frames.  Remember?  The ones that were taped in the middle.  Bwahahaha...."  The current pair are thick tortoise shell frame with a small square lens in the hipster nerd chic style.  Thank god for the square lens because these pair are one rounded corner from making me look like Steve Urkel. (exhibit A (not my actual glasses))

The surgery wasn't actually that bad.  EXCEPT my day is gone and I have to miss spinning AND pilates all because of this stupid laser eye surgery I just had.

It's wasn't even the cool modern marvel kind that gives your near-sighted genetics the finger and makes glasses unnecessary.  It was the serious kind that you need so that you don't see spots or go blind.

I just spent 3 hours at an opthamologists' because i have retinal tears.  And now my day is gone and the back of my eyeball itches.  After hours of waiting I almost didn't do it because my Harvard educated rather attractive (in an old man way) eye Dr. gave me the option of not doing it today after the 3rd time I asked if it would hurt.

We came to an optomotrist middle-ground of 'just the tip' and I only did the left one.  I'm beginning to think   this is a health history pattern for me.  Kind of like the time I decided I would only get two wisdom teeth out.  Why would I want to do that twice?

Anyway, next tuesday I'll be getting the other one done.  And I'm kind of ballin' for someone livin' on the edge of health insurance and somehow have talked Dr.s' into discounts recently.  But we'll see how it goes cause honestly I can't go back to $12 neon frames no matter how hipster I become.

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