Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wherefore Art Thou...In The Holiday Inn...

This has nothing to do with Nelly.  RIP Nelly!...No as far as I know he's not dead.  But he has been admitted to the land of the dead in my consciousness with  DMX and JaRule which is the Gangsta's paradise of my middle school experience.  Enter Kanye...

So I've been lazy for a while.  And its not because I didn't have anything to do and it's not because I was terribly busy.  I'm not sure what the real balance is between living life and reflecting on it, but I honestly miss blogging when I don't do it.  Some days, some things just inspire you.  And today it was a chubby man jogging (laboriously) in a t-shirt that said "Tiny Tim's Donut Shop".

I'd like to warn you here:  This is not about that man.  But more the idea of that man.  The moments in life when you are so enraptured by something so hilariously minute that you feel the need to share that with others.  The ironic, the ridiculous, the annoying.  Those moments that everyone has when they wish there were someone there to make eye-contact with and acknowledge the nature of the situation.  Much like an awkward cow moment.

Which reminds me of what AW said about Awkward Cow and its superiority to Awkward Turtle (a fan favorite, I'm sure)  The argument (in a sentence)?  "This moment is So effin' awkward that not one but two people have to agree that it is awkward enough to point out and illustrate. " 

That was a sidenote.  This blog is really more of a re-introduction.  I'm back in the game.  I could try and recap on life since my last blog.  I won't.  To be honest I'll probably save some of those unfortunate and telling incidences 'til my more uninspired days.  Additionally,  even the loftiest of my aspirations could not make me commit to daily blogging.  I can't promise that.  But I will promise to the greatest listener in this WEB 2.0 era (the internet) and to the random assortment of friends, readers, and friends who are readers (let's be honest, you are the majority) that I will try.  Because I still have not given up on a book deal or at least on the idea of making money from google adsense.  

My thoughts of blogging as a form of narcism are far in the past.  I'm not narcissistic, but I do like to hear myself talk, or write, or blog (I guess that would be the accurate word in this situation).  I also think I'm 'really-really-ridiculously-good-looking' and kind of awesome in general...wait...where was I?  uh....shit. do do....'not narcissitic, like to hear myself blog'...oh yeah!   The point is...keep reading so I can make money. wait no...The point is, it's friday at 5 and I got out early so I'm on glass two of white wine (yes...white, AW) (NO, I'm not drinking alone, INTERNET...not that I think there's anything wrong with that).   THE POINT IS.  I'm going to be blogging more because if Julie and Julia is a movie with Amy Adams then there is something wrong in this world if my ridiculousness (and that is the most important, telling, and honest of the aforementioned  adjectives (or noun as I've turned it into) ) can't make Lifetime...or Oxygen...I'd totally take Oxygen.  

With that I leave you...with a new commitment, a lot of love, and some Sauvignon blanc that I've belched onto my keyboard. Oh geez, blogging may be good for the soul, but its bad for the attractive....awkward cow...

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